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About company - "Kaspi-Disinfection” LLP

“Kaspi Disinfection” LLP is 100% local company working in the market of service of West Kazakhstan region on disinfection, deratization and disinfestation of production facilities, residential and public buildings. Our services are quality. The successful and high quality work over 5 years in this sphere of services allows us to offer you: to inspect your facilities, start the work and totally remove all problems subject to follow all our recommendations as we use the latest safe reagents and only by European technologies.


Up to 1000 clients from all region of West Kazakhstan satisfied in guaranteed high quality of our services over 5 years. “Kaspi Disinfection” LLP has proven itself to Cients.  Honesty and Responsibility towards our clients are what allows us to face the most competitive price at highest degree of quality of our rendered services.

Disinfection service “Kaspi Disinfection” provides guarantee during the whole period of the terms of agreement. We value our reputation and respect the opinion of each our client.


We have over 100 loyal clients. The total area of monthly treated surface is 5-6 Ha in Atyrau oblast. More than 100 000 sq.m of treated area per month in commercial, office, industrial, warehouse or residential premises.

Where “Kaspi Disinfection” there is no harmful casual microorganisms, funguses, molds, insects and rodents of any classes and types.

By eliminating of insects independently you may achieve the possible effects only by a quarter. Our result is 99,7% of clean.

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