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Services – Kaspi Education Consulting LLP

Kaspi Education Consulting LLP conducts courses on training, retraining and advanced training and attestation of engineering and service personnel (labours) on safe work in the sphere of industrial safety, training and examination on safety and labour protection issues, on fire technical minimum programs.

- Labour positions

-  Accesses for execution of dangerous works

 - Technical courses

- Corporative training

- Organization and conduction of examination for personnel

Our Services

Kaspi Education Consulting LLP conducts an expertise in the sphere of industrial safety

Our partnership is specializes in development in the sphere of civil defense, management and emergency response, industrial, fire, environment safety and labour protection:

- Development of production control systems for compliance with the requirements of labor protection and industrial safety;

- Performance of Examination for certification of organizations for conduction of works in the sphere of industrial safety;

- Development of methodical recommendations for occupational safety , industrial and fire safety;

- Performance of Examination of industrial and fire safety of buildings, inspection of facilities and technical devices, materials used at hazardous production facilities (including with service life expired);

- Conduction of training, induction, re-training and certification on industrial, fire safety for permit to work on hazardous industrial facilities for authorized persons and employees conforming to established requirements;

- Provision accesses to use at hazardous industrial facilities the technologies, technical devices and materials that have passed the procedure of conformity assessment on industrial safety standards;

- Analysis of the causes of accidents, incidents as well as their recording also in electronic form;

- Development of emergency response plan and actions on localization and liquidation of accidents and their consequences at hazardous production facilities;

- Development of program on implementation of actions directed for prevention and elimination of the harmful effects of hazardous production factors;

- Development and examination of industrial safety declarations, provision of required assistance in declaration of  the safety hazardous production facilities, insurance of civil liability of owners of hazardous industrial facilities, defined by the legislation;

- Performance of Examination for coordination with the authorized bodies of construction, reconstruction, modernization, liquidation of hazardous production facilities;

- Performance of Examination for approval of land allocation for hazardous production facilities;

Trainings of Kaspi Education Consulting LLP are conducted according to the requirements of legal acts.

Kaspi Education Consulting LLP is ready to undertake the assessment of workplaces for labour conditions in your Company.

According to “The Rules of the conduct of obligatory periodic attestation of production facilities in terms of labour conditions” No.203-r dated 23.08.2007  “Kaspi Education Consulting” LLP will execute the following types of works:

- Assessment of the efficiency of safety and labour protection system;

- Assessment of the level of hazard and risks of the workplace environment, heaviness and intensiveness of the work process;

- Protocol of measurement of industrial factors (physical, chemical);

- Rating card on condition and labour safety;

- Protocol of assessment of workplace safety;

- Assessment of provision of employees with personnel protective equipment;

- Recommendations on improvement and sanitation of work condition;

- Action plan on improvement and sanitation of work condition;

- Schedule on elimination of shortcoming and violations in the sphere of labour protection;

- Act of employer and documentation in the sphere of safety and labour protection;

- Conclusions and summary on each industrial facility of enterprise.

Price list

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Learning programs of Kaspi Education Consulting LLP on industrial safety, fire safety and  transportation safety includes 63 names for engineering and technical personnel on safe work, as well as 80 names of professions and types of work for service personnel.


Programs on occupational safety and labour protection for managers and specialists of enterprises provides a theoretical and industrial training, taking into account the specifics of the organization (enterprise) and approved by the territorial state labor authority. Training program includes questions on labor relations, rules and requirements of compliance with safety regulations, fire and electrical safety, industrial hygiene.

- Employers and employees training on labor protection

- Training and testing of knowledge of workers

- Industrial safety expertise

- Training, retraining of specialists, workers in the field of industrial safety

- Development of industrial safety declaration of hazardous production facilities

Extended form of education

- Lectures

- Trainings

- Implementation of distance learning program


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