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Services - "Kaspi-Disinfection” LLP

We are ready to offer you: to inspect your facilities, start the work and totally remove all problems subject to follow all our recommendations as we use the latest safe reagents and only by European technologies.     .

Annual maintenance costs for companies shall be made by prepayment – You pay once a year and we will work throughout the year without any additional payments!  Treatment of facilities is made when required for an unlimited number of times during year.  Disinfection measures directed for restriction of rodents and insects  shall be made on whole area to prevent the migration to untreated area after treatment. Continuous maintenance on contractual base without restriction of treatment.   This tariff plan fits for premises with bad sanitary condition. The treatment shall be made if necessary. Payment according to this plan is made quarterly.  Convenience with this tariff plan is that your property will be under continuous service.


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